"To call it a biography is actually to conceal the brilliance of what Teems has achieved. [Review of TYNDALE]

Leland Ryken, Wheaton College

On Saturday, 24 May 195_, the day I was born, at the top left corner on the front page of the Atlanta Journal where the day's weather is posted in a little window of its own, are four words and a comma. [Forgive the serial prepositional phrases.]


Scattered thunderstorms, continued warm.

—The Atlanta Journal & Constitution, 24 May, 195_

Those of you who know me will probably laugh at the accuracy of those four notes.

David Teems

David Teems is the bestselling author of TYNDALE: THE MAN WHO GAVE GOD AN ENGLISH VOICE [Thomas Nelson, 2012]. His other books include GODSPEED: VOICES OF THE REFORMATION [Abingdon Press, 2017], MAJESTIE: THE KING BEHIND THE KING JAMES BIBLE [Thomas Nelson, 2010], DISCOVERING YOUR SPIRITUAL CENTER: THE POWER OF PSALM 119 [Leafwood Publishers, 2011], AND THEREBY HANGS A TALE: WHAT I REALLY KNOW ABOUT THE DEVOTED LIFE I LEARNED FROM MY DOGS [Harvest House, 2010], and TO LOVE IS CHRIST: 365 Devotions [Thomas Nelson, 2005]. 

David will release a historical fiction (audiobook), I RIDDE MY SOULE OF THEE AT LASTE late summer. TBA

In the past few years, musical images have made their way back onto the web site, into articles, and future projects. To clarify, music is a character (of a kind) in David's fiction (to be released later this summer). David seeks a kind of synthesis between music and his books. 


In April 2017, David appeared on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICS new series, ORIGINS: THE JOURNEY OF HUMANKIND. The episode David appeared in is called THE WRITING ON THE WALL. The particular segment is called THE DEATH OF A HERETIC. David spoke on the life, achievement, effect, and martyrdom of William Tyndale. Because of copyright precautions, we are not allowed to post any video from the show. The link on the image below (from the show) will take you to the ORIGINS page (video) on the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICS site. ORIGINS, the entire series is available on the DISNEY PLUS channel. 


As of the October 2017 Amazon Author Rank, David was #2 in HISTORY, and #9 in BIOGRAPHY, just a few steps below Hillary Clinton. David's biography of William Tyndale enjoyed a swell of interest anticipating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. This interest did not diminish. TYNDALE: THE MAN WHO GAVE GOD AN ENGLISH VOICE (Nelson, 2012) has enjoyed many #1s in many categories on Amazon, and as current as 2019, seven years after its release.


David grew up in Atlanta, GA and graduated with a BA in Psychology from Georgia State University. After one semester of graduate school (Educational Psychology), he started playing music professionally, and continued for the next 20 years or so, before turning to writing in 2003. David and his wife, Benita, have two sons, Adam and Shad. Adam and his wife Katie have three children—Julian, Evie, and Audrey Gray. Shad and his wife Robin have two sons—Killian and Caspian. David and Benita live near their sons in Franklin, TN.








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