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THIS IS THE BOOK I did not want to write. I kicked and screamed (figuratively). The story, or at least the part that I can admit publicly is told in the January 25 entry. I had my reasons. And while I will not elaborate presently, my resistance was part of the writing process, and made GODSPEED a better book, the book it was meant to be. The prayers and benedictions in the book reflect one who struggles, who longs for reform to do its mysterious work.


Every book I have written has found its own way to tell me the best way to write it and the voice it will demand. That is one of the things I love most about the writing process. A book is a cooperation of a kind. Martin Luther became Martin Luther through conflict with himself, certainly, but primarily with God. Working through this resistance he was able to get on the other side of the struggle. The rest is, well, history. 


(Abingdon Press, 2017).

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$9.99 [MSRP $16.99]

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