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After an awful 2001 (the loss of both my father,  Benita's father, two of our Dalmatians, and a lawsuit—yay!), I woke up on the morning of August 1, 2002, and vowed to write every day for a year, and on one subject, love. I posted each day on my web site. Some posts were as few as 200 words, some as high as 1500 words. At the end of 15 months, I had a manuscript that was 7 inches deep when printed. To make a long story short, after moving to Tennessee, it wasn't long until I had my first book deal. I was told I needed to compress each issue to 200 words or less. In spite of my complaining, I did as I was told and worked long days, reducing each entry to its lowest and finest common denominator, to the soul of the idea, where it lay hidden beneath an avalanche of words. 

It was the best experience for me as a writer. But the result? A very quotable book with one subject. In the land of Twitter and Facebook, a quotable book is a great asset. What I have come to understand and admire about devotionals is how timeless they can be, when written well, of course. By the way, my first grandchild, Julian David Roberts, was born less than an hour after I received the first copies of the book.  

Read: FROM BLOG TO BOOK: ONE SKEPTIC'S JOURNEY at This article, written in 2011, details how TO LOVE IS CHRIST migrated from blog to book.


TO LOVE IS CHRIST (Thomas Nelson, 2005).   


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