WITH THE RELEASE OF his new devotional, GODSPEED: Voices of the Reformation, and with the advent of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, David Teems is out promoting this book with live events: churches, libraries, book stores, colleges, seminaries. Though it is a daily devotional, and though it speaks with a devotional voice, GODSPEED is populated with individuals who paid a high cost for their words and their opinion. Some paid the ultimate price.

But that is not the half of it. Because early modern culture bears an odd, if not startling resemblance to certain elements of our own modern culture, the "voices" in GODSPEED have become relevant in a new and refreshing way. At the same time, David's 2012 book, TYNDALE: THE MAN WHO GAVE GOD AN ENGLISH VOICE (Thomas Nelson/Harper Collins) has seen a resurgence. Particularly in ebook sales (Kindle), this biography has remained in the top 50 on Amazon in Biblical History category, often at #1 or #2. The image above was taken when David was Keynote speaker at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference in 2018, speaking on Tyndale. His talk was called THAT DELICIOUS ENGLISH WORD, which he is eager to continue speaking about and promoting, bring together both GODSPEED and his Tyndale bio. 


Teems is prepared for any time allotment: 15, 30, 45 minutes, to an hour, depending on need. This page will provide you or your interested party with all the information necessary for a successful visit with David Teems. He ended his time with this song, written by the Apostle Paul, and set to English music by William Tyndale, and interpreted in the voice of David Teems.

In April, 2017, Teems appeared on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICS new series ORIGINS: THE JOURNEY OF HUMANKIND. The episode was called THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL. The segment David was featured in is called THE DEATH OF A HERETIC. Teems spoke on the life, work, and martyrdom of William Tyndale. For more, and to see the clip from the show, go to the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC page on this site. 

Keeping his music alive with his writing life, below is a picture of Teems on stage at the Grand Ole Opry (Ryman Theater) playing with actor/singer Jonathan Jackson [CMT's NASHVILLE]. Jonathan is singing a song Teems wrote ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN.


All you need for a quick look and for promoting your own event with David Teems is provided on this page, including the song THINK ON THESE THINGS, that accompanies GODSPEED. If you need further information, email us anytime at info@davidteems.com or call 615.594.0745. Thank you.