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After an entire year of reflection, we are resuming the AS SURE AS APRIL podcast. We are making a new start, and, hopefully, taking an evolutionary step forward. Oh Yeah, with music at the center. I am looking forward to it. Times TBA.



The idea is to create/achieve/maybe even enjoy synthesis 

between music and the written word.



A unique approach to biography, this first episode takes a look at American writer/critic Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849). We will scan the life of Poe, but more specifically a piece that appeared in Graham's Magazine (1848) in Philadelphia called "My Heart Laid Bare." In it, Poe essentially writes that if a person wants to change the opinion of the world, if he or she desires world renown, they have only to do one thing—write a little book called "My Heart Laid Bare." But the content must live up to the title. "Ah, there's the rub," Poe writes. For no man can write it, Poe says, because the page would shrivel and the pen blaze with fire in his hand. Using this as a prop, we bring Poe into our current events. Music and spoken word.

Time: TBA



Not long after the last episode, January 18 [BROTHER], the world changed. In a slightly more sober manner and with less music than previous episodes, David Teems addresses the change, and not only the change in the world at large, but the change in him, why the delay between Episodes 3 and 4. 


The voice of Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011). Excerpt from HITCH 22: A MEMOIR by Christopher Hitchens (audiobook). 12 Books and Hachette.

"Think On These Things" written by David Teems, 2016) Lyric from Philippians 4:8, King James Bible. Produced by: David Teems, Joe Beck, and Jim Frazier. Programming: Jim Frazier. Background voices: Bonnie Keen, Debi Selby, and Terry White. 

©2020 David Teems • • 

Next episode: TBA   |   Title: MY HEART LAID BARE   |   To listen and read this episode [transcript with audio] : S1E4



Eulogies are great, but to the one they celebrate they come a little late. "To say 'I love you' out loud, as necessary as it is to say, demands a responsible English. Keats said, "Be serious. Love is not a plaything." This podcast pays tribute to my brother, Ray but in a way that is warmly inclusive, that challenges the listener to say what needs to be said to those you love while there is time to say it. In just under a year after this podcast was first posted, my brother died. I have some regrets, certainly, as siblings might, but in the big picture I have none. I said to him (publicly and privately what needed to be said to him). His last words to me were "Don't be sad, David. Don't be sad." I am not sure I have ever gotten a request that is more difficult to grant. At the time of the recording of this podcast, he had just found out he had stage-4 lung cancer and other complications. I did not say that in the podcast. I consider this particular recording one of the best things I have ever done, and simply because it was inspired. As it says in the podcast, "Brother, Ray, you are, and will ever remain, beautiful in me."


"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother," written by Bobby Scott and Bob Russell, 1969 (recorded by The Hollies) 

House By The Side Of The Road, poem by Sam Walter Foss  

"Londonderry Aire" (O Danny Boy) Traditional Irish melody 

"Angeline the Baker" (Traditional) Banjo: Judge Parker

"Some of Shelley's Blues" (Michael Nesmith) Banjo: Judge Parker, Guitar and vocals: David Teems

"Think On These Things" (David Teems, 2016) Produced by: David Teems, Joe Beck, and Jim Frazier. Programming: Jim Frazier. Background voices: Bonnie Keen, Debi Selby, and Terry White. ©2019 David Teems • • 

Next episode: TBA     Title: THINK ON THESE THINGS   |   To listen and read this episode [transcript with audio] : S1E3




With the sounds of his Thanksgiving table in the background, David improvises on his private world, a warm compact world that has a music and charm of its own. An exercise in autobiography. Thomas Wolfe. John Keats. William Tyndale. "My world has a sound. As they do. As any poetry must. It laughs. It giggles. It cries on occasion.  It even sings. And in pitch. There are times it has no language at all. Or needs one. Just this quiet hum, one we hardly notice, that is, until it is absent."

Sounds of the family at Thanksgiving table: David & Benita, Shad & Robin, Killian, Caspian, Adam & Katie, Julian, Evie, and Audrey.

Claude (cat) & Basil (dog).

"What A Wonderful World" (Thiele/Weiss).

Excerpt from opening of Ask For Me Tomorrow (Summer 2020).

Poem by John Keats "La Belle Dame Sans Merci."

Thomas Wolfe, excerpt from You Can't Go Home Again

Oreo and the Christmas cheeseball, from David's 2010 book, And Thereby Hangs A Tale

"Think On These Things" (David Teems, 2016) Produced by: David Teems, Joe Beck, and Jim Frazier. Programming: Jim Frazier. Background voices: Bonnie Keen, Debi Selby, and Terry White. ©2019 David Teems • • 

All keyboards, guitars, and effects: David Teems.

Next episode: January 18   |   Title: BROTHER     To listen and read this episode [transcript with audio] : S1E2 

To hear an abridged version of this episode, that is, the content without the historical references:




Welcome. April. What's in a name? John Keats"To Autumn." Thomas Wolfe"Old October" from Of Time And The River

Reading Tyndale. Entries from Godspeed: Voices Of The Reformation. "Think On These Things" [David Teems] All guitars, pianos, and ambient effects: David Teems.  Programming on "Think On These Things" track: Jim Frazier. ©2019 David Teems • • 

Next episode: November 30     Title: WONDERFUL WORLD     To listen and read this episode [transcript with audio] : S1E1



In an era of shrill we need more Teems!

—Fr. Jon Davis, Ph. D., Oviedo, FL


I laughed and wept when I listened. If you are tired of the “4 Ways to…” and the “6 steps to… " and you are ready for thought provoking conversation at the heart level - this is where it begins. David Teems has the most unique way of weaving a tapestry of music, words, philosophy, poetry, and prose. It connects with something unnamable deep within and unlocks a whole new world to explore - his world. Lest you think that this podcast is all about him, it is quite the contrary. It is about each of us. It is about you. It gives you permission to reconnect with the rawest emotions in a way that is defined and with dignity. Teems warmly invites you into the inner courts of his own life to take a stroll with him and explore the very places that just may be where you fine the hidden treasures of yourself. Listen and see.

—Kevin  (iTunes review) ****


This first episode was a "soft launch" so it may be a hidden treasure. A treasure worth excavation, pulling out into the light, and appraising as one would appraise a diamond. It is a soft pedal, gentle ramble through some really deep and "deep breath" (the cleansing kind) stuff. The reason for the name of the Podcast. Why April in October? Why launch on 10/31? What is it about Fall/Autumn. Death and love. And more. "David being David." Episode 1- giving us glimpses in watercolor brushstrokes of the personal motivations behind his launch - is a great prologue to what I think will be a great body of work - meaning his podcast collection . . . and I think it invites us to reflect on our own motivations. The specific subject matter is not a side dish, it is very good information; but like all good work, it transcends its own limits and really invites the listener to consider exploring beyond the borders of what is said. I guess you could say it is an appetizer - whets the appetite for more of David being David for sure, but also more of you . . . being you . . . and more of the untasted delights the world out there (and also 'in here') has to offer.

—Donovan, (iTunes review) *****


Your two podcasts are masterpieces which add an entirely new dimension to your work.

—George Gruhn, GRUHN GUITARS, Nashville



This podcast has quickly become a favorite. You've taken time to prepare well and the result is rich and enjoyable and sharpening. Thanks so much.

—Nancy on FB

David another compelling spectacular podcast! You've created a Wonderful World of sounds and music and voice...all a little slice of heaven. And played on a classic C.F. Martin ageless guitar.

Randy on FB

“The lope the lope the lope” did I recall that correctly? I dont know if Benita showed you my furious scribbling of your first podcast but I took notes this week as well lol. So enjoying all of this experience.

—Jessica, on FB

Just listened to your podcast [S1E3 BROTHER] while I was lingering in my comfy bed waiting for day to rise.   Beautiful.  The ending got me in the heart.   You have cultivated your gifts well. 

—Donna, in West Virginia [via email]

I am loving these podcasts. It is great material and am loving hearing the book. My favorite thing about this one though was hearing you laugh when talking about your dogs in the "cheeseball" story. I loved that little chuckle. I recently had to put down my 3-legged st.bernard mix, and it broke my heart. Dogs add so much to our lives. Anyway,  congratulations on your podcast. It really is great.

—Betsy on FB.

The whole experience was golden and wonderful. We laughed and cried and you gave us pathways back to our own idyllic childhood. Thank you for doing the hard work of excellence- I think you are surely “on to something.” Please, press in and press on!

—Debbie in Nashville (on S1E3, BROTHER)

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