WELCOME TO OUR PAGES. To whatever impulse or good fortune brought you here, we are truly grateful. As it says in my bio, ‘My higher passions are literary (as are some of my lower ones.).’ Forgive my infrequency on social media hubs. That’s not the literature I am referring to.

We have included (below) the wonderful review of my book TYNDALE: The Man Who Gave God An English Voice from the Tyndale Society in London. When you open the TS Journal, go to page 64 for the review.

Also, enjoy the MAJESTIE and TYNDALE videos below, search our site for the books that appeal to your eye, or the music that might be medicine for the overworked or troubled soul. We won’t complain if you purchase all of them. There is something to be learned in reading an author’s complete canon. You will see traces of me in all of them—traces of James Stuart in AND THEREBY HANGS A TALE, traces of WILLIAM TYNDALE in DISCOVERING YOUR SPIRITUAL CENTER. There is, indeed, a bigger picture to be discovered in devouring it all. Of course, it begins with appetite. Hope I can help you out there. God bless you. Really.