HUMAN EXCHANGE in the delicate after words of death is awkward at best. More times than not we will stumble, or remain silent, not knowing what to say to the grieving. IN THE MOURNING is an offering of comfort and hope which can be given with the knowledge and assurance that all you may wish to say or do is there. It is an act of kindness. As the dedication on the CD insert says,

"This recording is designed for and dedicated to, not those who have gone from us, but those who remain, to those fortunate enough in this life to have loved enough to hurt for it.”

Following the tradition of David’s THE MYST OF EDEN SERIES: HOPE & MORE HOPE, IN THE MOURNING offers not just a unique and thematic treatment of scripture, but more. This new work features the use of litany (a cycle of prayers and petitions followed by a musical response). David's own reflections concerning death and loss give this project its words. With new songs to complete the work, all elements are woven together in a warm musical package that is at once comforting and positive.

But this is not simply about death and loss, for it has more to do with love. In spite of what the title and the images may suggest, this recording does not sing its tribute to grief, but to the love that can sustain us in the time of trouble, in a time of sorrow. There is nothing like this in the marketplace today.

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