Note (June 6): If you participated in the 22 day Psalm 119 pilgrimage and did not get a free book, contact us at We will make sure you get a signed copy. We want you to have this. If you are expecting a book and haven’t yet got yours, contact us at the same address above.

It’s not shtick, it’s dedication.


THE RULES (there are only 2):

1. READ ONLY 8 VERSES OF PSALM 119 A DAY FOR 22 DAYS. Each day’s post includes the scripture and commentary. (You may read the commentary if you want, but that is your choice.) Each entry may take 2-3 minutes to read.

2. READ OUT LOUD. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Reading scripture out loud effects a kind of prayer, so as you speak you listen. Prayer is an exchange.

That’s it. May not sound like much, but the consistency is powerful, the repetition, the day to day habit, not to mention the lyric itself (119). Appetite is the argument. Let it meddle. Let it pry. Let it tamper with you, intoxicate, and significantly alter you until you are mercifully undone. That is, let it do what it does. I love this. William Tyndale referred to it the medicine of the Word.